11. svi 2012.

Belvada mascara

2 weeks ago my Belvada mascara has arrived from Cheapsmells and I instantly feel in love with it!
Let me tell you why;

  • the packaging is elegant, it looks all professional and important, and it even has an instructions on how to use it :)

  • the brush is big and it doesn't have an excess mascara when pulled out, so it doesn't create clots on the eyelashes
  • it lasts all day, doesn't smudge and it goes off very easily with cleansing milk
  • from only one layer of the Belvada, mine eyelashes are long and curled ...

Before Belvada

With Belvada

 And the best of all, the mascara should last longer because no pumping is required and virtually no air can get into the mascara. It costs 24.95$ here and 7.95£ here.
I can honestly say that the Belvada mascara belongs to the group of the best mascaras I have ever owned
(and there aren't many in this group). The price isn't so big, but the quality is, and I'm happy because it was a good buy!

9. svi 2012.

DIY facial cream

Lately I'm having problems with acne and clogged pores so I'm trying to use not too many things for my face care as I don't know what is causing all the mess ...
I started making my own facial cream from Aloe Vera gel & Vitamin E concentrate.
Aloe Vera has been proven to be an effective treatment for skin lesions and burns and it's also effective as a moisturizer and an anti-inflammatory.
Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant for the skin, and its good for lightening scars, acne marks and fine lines.
When using only Aloe Vera gel I feel my skin isn't moisturized enough, and when using only Vitamin E is just too sticky and greasy for my face, so I decided to combine this two wonderful ingredients together. It works great; Aloe Vera gel is somehow watery and it helps the Vitamin E to absorb better so the skin is moisturized and it doesn't feel dry after cleaning.
The ingredients used   

When the ingredients are mixed together the cream becomes white
I've only been using the cream for a couple of days so it didn't made any miracles on my skin, but to be honest I'm not even expecting any, it's just enough for me to know what are the ingredients I'm using and that for now my skin is accepting them quite well.

7. svi 2012.

yves rocher goodies

My goodies from yves rocher arrived yesterday!

They all smell soooooo great :)
I've ordered:
  • 2 shower gels; one is a vetiver scent and the other is blackberry scent (honestly I didn't know if I should eat this one or take a shower with it)
  • daily exfoliating cleanser (my skin is a big mess lately)
  • organic oats hand cream (smells heavenly and leaves your skin very soft)
  • brown eye pencil (kohl)
I also received  2 gwp (normal size):
  • Fragrance Comme une evidence (very light, feminine and also long lasting fragrance)
  • Riche creme with 30 precious oils
  • Free postage 
This whole shopping experience was a quite of a bargain especially because I found the products to be very quality! Do you have experience with this products?

Deborah nails

I could hardly wait for Monday to run to DM store and buy more of this beautiful shades of Deborah mini nail polishes (recently I bought two in orange shades).
Firstly, they are on sale for only 7,90 kn/piece (about 1 euro/piece), and secondly they have a very good quality - the brush is great, and the color requires 2 layers max for a color to be as in a bottle.
Key evidences are on the photos, so if you like what you see, you better run to next DM store, leave some change on the counter and make yourself a rainbow in this rainy day with happy Deborah colors :)
My favorites are Turquoise fever 27 and Orange code 17. What are your favorites?

PS My hands are not in the best condition as I'm doing some gardening, so you'll just have to excuse me ;)