11. svi 2012.

Belvada mascara

2 weeks ago my Belvada mascara has arrived from Cheapsmells and I instantly feel in love with it!
Let me tell you why;

  • the packaging is elegant, it looks all professional and important, and it even has an instructions on how to use it :)

  • the brush is big and it doesn't have an excess mascara when pulled out, so it doesn't create clots on the eyelashes
  • it lasts all day, doesn't smudge and it goes off very easily with cleansing milk
  • from only one layer of the Belvada, mine eyelashes are long and curled ...

Before Belvada

With Belvada

 And the best of all, the mascara should last longer because no pumping is required and virtually no air can get into the mascara. It costs 24.95$ here and 7.95£ here.
I can honestly say that the Belvada mascara belongs to the group of the best mascaras I have ever owned
(and there aren't many in this group). The price isn't so big, but the quality is, and I'm happy because it was a good buy!

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