7. svi 2012.

yves rocher goodies

My goodies from yves rocher arrived yesterday!

They all smell soooooo great :)
I've ordered:
  • 2 shower gels; one is a vetiver scent and the other is blackberry scent (honestly I didn't know if I should eat this one or take a shower with it)
  • daily exfoliating cleanser (my skin is a big mess lately)
  • organic oats hand cream (smells heavenly and leaves your skin very soft)
  • brown eye pencil (kohl)
I also received  2 gwp (normal size):
  • Fragrance Comme une evidence (very light, feminine and also long lasting fragrance)
  • Riche creme with 30 precious oils
  • Free postage 
This whole shopping experience was a quite of a bargain especially because I found the products to be very quality! Do you have experience with this products?

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